Application Format

Application Format

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First off, thank you for considering sending us your application! Here are the basic requirements, please note that our Staff has the final say: 

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You do not have any active bans. This applies to but is not limited to - Rusty Revolver ban, Rust or any other game ban, VAC ban that is less than 1 years old, or if you're on a new account evading a ban.
  • Must have at least 250 active Rust game hours (for Moderation applicants) OR 200 active Rust game hours (for Discord Mod applicants).
  • Make sure your Steam profile is public (including but not limited to comments, games, friends, etc.) when you submit your application as that is part of our review process. If it is not public, the application will be disqualified.
  • be able to participate for at least 10+ hours most weeks (more during onboarding & training),
  • understand this is a volunteer role,
  • understand the need for professionalism at all times even when interacting with disrespectful players, and
  • acknowledge you may be exposed to vulgar language/adult content on a regular basis.
  • Username REQUIRED
  • Email REQUIRED
  • Date of Birth REQUIRED
  • Your Steam Profile Link REQUIRED

    • Login to
    • Hover on your name in the menu (next to COMMUNITY) & click PROFILE from the drop down
    • Copy & paste the URL
  • Discord Username REQUIRED

    Include the 4 digits after your username, for example "User#0001"

  • Which region do you reside in? REQUIRED
      North America   Europe   South America   Australia   Asia   Other    
  • What languages do you speak? REQUIRED

    Fluent English is a must.

  • Why do you want to join the Rusty Revolver team? REQUIRED
  • Do you have any previous moderation experience (not required, just curious)? If so, which games/Rust servers? REQUIRED
  • Is there anything else you would like us to consider while reviewing this application? REQUIRED
  • How did you hear about this application?
  • I understand and agree with the above criteria for applying to the Rusty Revolver team. REQUIRED

    I confirm that my Steam profile is public, which includes and is not limited to comments, games, friends, etc. I acknowledge that if my Steam profile is not public when my application is reviewed that it will not be considered.


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