Rusty Revolver

Some cool Rust Servers with the player in mind!

Here are our features


Custom Plugins

We believe in a custom experience to make our servers stand out.

Helpful Staff

Our staff takes suggestions and tries to interact with our players. Our admin team does play, but only without admin powers. (They have to choose before logging in.)


VIP? Not here. Everyone is equal. Our store is for donations only.

Better Hardware

We believe that games should be run on the hardware intended for them by the developers that built them.

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[EU] Rusty Revolver|10x|Solo/Duo/Trio

10x server with Raidable Bases, Bradley Guards, Guarded Crates, and Skins. Wipes Every Week. Solo/Duo/Trio Only. Join our Discord at Join our Discord to stay up to date with changes being proposed. Our Team is approachable and has the players in mind when making changes. Have an idea? Let us know in our Discord. We reply to every suggestion. Care to make a donation? Head to We don't have a pay to play mentality so there are no VIPs. We operate the servers at our own cost and only care to make a great experience for our players.

The supurb team of individuals keeping this community afloat!